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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Top Ten ‘Lessons From the End of a Marriage’ Posts of 2016

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2016 was filled with questions about how to deal with narcissists (and other difficult people), how to create emotional distance from your ex (especially when they have the audacity to remarry) and how to take control of your own life and happiness. All important questions.

Did you miss any of these popular reads?

 7 Reasons Discovering Your Ex is Getting Married is the Worst (and 7 Reasons It’s Not)  Because even though we may not want them anymore, it’s still hard to realize they’re moving on.

Finding Happiness After An Unwanted Divorce It begins with an awful realization – that your marriage is ending and you cannot stop it. Where do you go from there?

How to Accept the Apology You Never Received Often times the people that harm us the worst are the same ones who refuse to apologize for their transgressions. Let that be their problem, not yours.

How to Fall Out of Love Sometimes the relationship ends before your love does. And it’s painful to still love someone who no longer loves you. Here’s how to let go.

Subtle Signs You’re Being Manipulated by a Covert Abuser I felt weird writing this post, expecting people to belittle the signs I saw in my ex. Instead, I was surprised to find that many people experienced similar wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Why “How Could You Do This to Me?” Is the Wrong Question to Ask This piece was inspired by one of The Four Agreements – “never take it personally.” It’s amazing what happens when we can separate someone’s actions from ourselves.

Five Empowering Ways to Recover From Gaslighting Because gaslighting is the worst. Learn how to find your own truth again.

8 Reasons Relationships Move Too Fast (and Why You Should Slow it Down) A lot of people find themselves in a runaway relationship train. This post will help you understand why that happens and give you ideas to regain some control.

Is It Love? The False Dawn of a Rebound Relationship The first relationship after divorce can be powerfully intoxicating. It can also be incredibly damaging. Learn the difference.

Phases of Moving On After Divorce Apparently, I’m not the only one who experiences impatience:) Moving on can’t be rushed and certain things have to happen before other steps can be taken.



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