All I Want For Christmas is a ThunderShirt

For those of you unaware of this remarkarkable item, this is a ThunderShirt.

They provide compression that helps to alleviate canine anxiety. The name comes from their intended use during thunderstorms.

And I want one.

Not for Tiger. He’s chill.

But for me. Because I’m not.

And no, I’m afraid of thunder.

Let me explain.

Brock got me a weighted blanket a few days ago. There quite commonly used for people (especially kids) with sensory issues. The extra pressure help to calm anxiety and quiet the agitated mind.

It’s a lot heavier than it looks.

Well, I’m not a kid and I don’t have sensory issues. But I most definitely have anxiety and an agitated mind.

And in three short nights of sleeping with this blanket folded in thirds across from chest, the difference has been amazing. Night and day, you might even say.

I fall asleep faster with less mental busyness. I sleep deeper. And I can even fall back asleep when I am awaken during the night.

And once I’m up in the morning? My body is calmer, with less of the jumpiness I usually experience and my mind doesn’t fall so eality into overwhelm.

All because of a blanket.

I’ve threatened to wear it to work like some super hero cape. Or, at the very least, keep if folded behind my desk for emergency use.

Can you just picture the students’ reactions when I lay on the floor with a leaden blanket draped over me? 🙂

So see, that’s why I need a ThunderShirt. Stylish (well, for a dog) and portable.

And for the really rough days…


Thank you for sharing!

4 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas is a ThunderShirt

  1. Maggie needs one of these!!! She usually hides in the bathroom on the 4th of July or the rare thunderstorm. Maggie actually had a difficult time during the start of my dissolution due to the fact the dog she was raised with left one day and never came back.

  2. Wow. Very interesting. I’ll have to keep it in mind!

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