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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

What Punctuation Mark Ended Your Marriage?

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Marriages end in all kind of ways and on all kind of timetables.

Mine ended with a text out of the blue. It was an ending puncuated with ?!?!, overwhelming me with surpise and teeming with unanswered questions. It was delivered silently yet elicted loud sobs of strong emotion followed by unanswered pleas for explanations. A one-sided dialog. It was an incomplete ending to a story.

What puncuation mark ended your marriage?

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29 thoughts on “What Punctuation Mark Ended Your Marriage?

  1. . 🙂

    Mine was a period. Then a smiley face. Was cheating for our entire marriage…never wanted kids…hated the financial burden…blah blah. Nothing I didn’t know I guess, but I would never have left. Period. Thank you my freedom to find true happiness. Smiley face. Not that I have it yet of course – because everything he did wrong was my fault. 7 months and counting! My poor kids.

  2. Mine ended with a !?… because while we weren’t happy, I never ever thought he would just end it after he promised to work on himself and the marriage. And he was never able to tell me why he made that decisions (or so many other poor decisions afterwards). And finally the … because after 2.5 years, we still aren’t divorced. He just can’t have difficult conversations…with me, or with anyone…so he won’t talk to me about a financial settlement (in this case, it benefits me financially to leave things as they are for as long as he’s willing to do so — I could be married for the next 25 years if he can’t figure out how to act and converse like a grown up man).

  3. Mine was not so much a punctuation mark but a statement the first time I was in Court (2/25/14 will forever be branded in my mind). There was no reason for being in Court. My attorney had just meet the petitioner and came back over to where I was sitting on a bench in the hallway. My attorney stated, “your wife is fucking crazy”. After a few minutes I replied, due to the fact we are in Court for no reason other than to expose the petitioner’s lies, there is a 0% chance of reconciliation. My attorney thought I was being harsh and should keep open the possibility of reconciling. I replied that this was now a business transaction and to complete it as quickly as possible.

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