From Divorce to Happiness: March Reading List

Spring is finally here in the south. The flowers are blooming (yea!) and the pollen is coating (yuck!). Highs in the 80s are followed by frost warnings as a reminder that no transition is ever smooth.

The following articles have graced my feed recently and they all worthy of reading and sharing. Enjoy!

How Divorce Exacerbates the Retirement Process

This is a sobering account of the impact that divorce (especially later in life) has on retirement (especially for women). It makes me very grateful that I had my own pension and makes me very sad for people who weren’t as fortunate. Check it out here.

Divorce Is a Good Thing

Okay, so I can’t say that I see divorce as a good thing. But sometimes it is a necessary thing, the best answer to a tough situation. This piece addresses the increasing stigma and judgment about divorce and how that shaming only serves to hurt those who are already hurt. Read it here.

Are You Falling For the Same Type of Mate You Gladly Left Behind?

It’s easier than you think. This article, written by an attorney, presents five warning signs that your selection process may be setting you up for another divorce. Read it with an open mind. You may be surprised at what you’re unintentionally drawn towards. See the five danger signs here.

How to Be Happy: 5 Secrets Backed By Research

Because, after all, isn’t happiness what we all want? 🙂 See how to get it here.

Thank you for sharing!

2 thoughts on “From Divorce to Happiness: March Reading List

  1. Denise Dillon – I am a woman. I want to live in the sunlight, where I will grow. I'm airing my dirty laundry with the hope that shame will no longer have power over me. Then I can become someone I like :)
    Knock Out The Ladder says:

    I can relate to the article on divorce being a good thing. As a gen Xer, I experienced the pain of divorce when my parents separated, and I think a lot of us judgemental adults think our parents could have worked it out (mine admitted as much to me later). Which made me adamant that I would NEVER divorce, no matter what. This belief, while good on paper kept me in an emotionally abusive relationship, and you can read on my blog how much I put up with in the name of working it out.

    Thank you for posting it.

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