Valentine’s Day Inspiration For the Recently Divorced

Valentine’s Day can be a minefield of expectations and disappointments for even the most happily coupled. And it’s often even harder for those who are recently single. Read here for some great Valentine’s Day (and any day, really) inspiration from those who have been there, survived that. It gives you some great ideas along with some good perspective.

And then take your pick from the two Valentine’s below – one sweet, one sour:)


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3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Inspiration For the Recently Divorced

  1. Kristina – The human condition fascinates me. Our choices of expression and connection, be it through speaking, writing, poetry, painting, drawing, music or making. As Brene Brown says "we are hard-wired for connection". The relationships I have are the most important thing in my life. My family growing up had a lot of shame and were really adept at ignoring the elephant in the room, but somehow we were close to each other. Everyone would back you up a million percent when you needed them. I was the over-thinker, the black sheep if you will, that always wanted to discuss why we would argue. Yup, I was the why kid. Now I'm a grown up. I'm not perfect, I make mistakes. I question guilt, shame, blame and why we can become disconnected from ourselves or others. I love my perfectly imperfect self. Join me in striving for resiliency, forgiveness, love and gratitude for everything we go through as connected human beings, to be the Warriors we are meant to be. ❤️
    ideaphilosopher says:

    Thank you!!❤️❤️ Sending love and gratitude.😌

  2. I like the second. It is positive and shows that the end of a marriage gone bad is actually an opportunity to find someone better. Hope you have a great Valentines Day!

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