How Teaching 8th Grade Helped Me Through Divorce

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  1. Nice read, very interesting.

  2. gin-gin says:

    Thank you. Your words are teaching me how to be patient and accepting, of myself. I am no marathon runner, I want things done and sorted yesterday… yet … time doesn’t heal, but is needed to heal. And move on. x

    • So true:) I had to learn patience myself. In fact, that’s actually one reason I signed up to do a marathon- it forces the lesson! I like your wise words about time – doesn’t heal but needed to heal. So true!!

  3. Great and timely post for the new year! This reminds me of the 5Cs that I learned from dog agility trainer and world champion, Susan Garrett. Interestingly, I apply her lessons to my life as well as my dog training: awaken Consciousness (evaluate your current situation), create Clarity (identify specific goals and behaviors); build Confidence (by experiencing small successes); introduce Challenges (to get you to the next level); grow Capability (keep practicing).

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