What I Really, Really, Really Wish I Could Tell My Ex Husband

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  1. I think that’s perfect 😊

  2. kindhart says:

    Thank you for your loving and heartfelt blogs. I am several steps behind where you are today, and I can only hope I am as gracious and intelligent, quick-witted yet still loving, as you are when I get to the same place you are now. I can feel your positivity and it helps pull me through. You have a beautiful soul. ❤️☺️

  3. Bugsmetwo says:

    Ha you have inspired me to write a letter even though we have not separated yet…..I bet this letter may help! Thank you!

  4. isra7726 says:

    loved it 😀 I could copy paste this, add a few of my own and shoot it out to the stranger i still live with.
    Separated but still together (under the same roof) is my current status!!

  5. nms297 says:

    I just have a song for him. Fight Song by Rachel Platten

  1. March 16, 2019

    […] And here’s what I really, really, really wish I could tell him. […]

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