What I Really, Really, Really Wish I Could Tell My Ex Husband

“I was right.”

Now, I’m well aware that those words sound sanctimonious and snotty. But I also think I’ve earned a little sanctimonious and snotty after dealing with abandonment and betrayal.

Besides, they’re true. I was right all those years ago.

And I really, really, really wish I could tell him that using a napkin to blot oil off your pizza actually does make a difference.

Told ya so.

It’s funny – I was asked last summer to write a follow up letter to this one to my ex husband.

And I couldn’t do it. It was like being word-blocked by the Raven’s defense when they’ve got it going on. I realized that I really have nothing left to say to him. At least nothing of much substance.

But while I have his ear, there are a few other tidbits I would like to pass along.

-We have a contractor coming out today to measure the kitchen for an updating. It brings back memories (good) of us doing house projects together and memories (awful) of the endless dust of the popcorn ceiling removal. You were a trooper with that orbital sander. I also awed the salesman with my knowledge of the difference between MDF and particleboard. I have you to thank for that.

-I’m going to hear Korn in a couple weeks perform their first album. Remember when we first saw them open for Ozzy? That was a great performance.

-You’re missing the best of me. Of course, I’m the me I am now because of what to did to me. So, thank you.

-But please, don’t be an asshole. You’ve already used up your lifetime allotment of jerkiness.

-And if you’re still in touch with your mom, please give her a hug for me. I miss her.

Oh, and if you’re still struggling with your weight, maybe try blotting that pizza 🙂

And if you have a letter to write to your ex, check out this awesome opportunity to contribute to the colective wisdom around divorce and starting over!


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  1. I think that’s perfect 😊

  2. kindhart says:

    Thank you for your loving and heartfelt blogs. I am several steps behind where you are today, and I can only hope I am as gracious and intelligent, quick-witted yet still loving, as you are when I get to the same place you are now. I can feel your positivity and it helps pull me through. You have a beautiful soul. ❤️☺️

  3. Bugsmetwo says:

    Ha you have inspired me to write a letter even though we have not separated yet…..I bet this letter may help! Thank you!

  4. isra7726 says:

    loved it 😀 I could copy paste this, add a few of my own and shoot it out to the stranger i still live with.
    Separated but still together (under the same roof) is my current status!!

  5. nms297 says:

    I just have a song for him. Fight Song by Rachel Platten

  1. March 16, 2019

    […] And here’s what I really, really, really wish I could tell him. […]

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