Seeing What Isn’t Yet There

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  1. Lisa,

    well said. Each day we are given the choice to decide our PERSPECTIVE in the situations we face. Will we grumble at adversity or allow God to finish the ongoing construction in our life? A better kitchen, a better relationship, a better career is messy, but it is all part of the process.

    Sometimes all we can do is focus on the coffee pot in front of us, caffeine up and not lose hope. Life is not defined in the mess, but rather in the process or JOURNEY of the plan for a better kitchen or a better life.

  2. zombiedrew2 says:

    Great analogy.

    I watched “the great and powerful Oz” last night with my kids, and one of the themes of the movie was the power of belief. I’ve always bought into the power of belief, and feel it’s an integral part of life. While talking to my kids about it after, I tried stressing the importance of belief. My 9 year old made the wonderful observation that even if he believes he can fly, if he jumps off a building he will still go splat.

    That’s true, though to my that would be more a question of irrational belief (ie stupidity) than belief.

    But I do think that although simply believing something is never enough to make it happen, *not* believing in something is enough to ensure it never happens. To believe you have to see what you are wanting, have a vision, and as you said – trust the process.

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