Opening the Heart

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  1. I just started my long stretches again in the hopes of integrating yoga into it. Although I am not one that can do these in silence, I use music to help me calm and feel my way through my body. And those hips-boy they don’t lie! I am ready feeling calmer, less heavy physically and emotionally and mentally. I even did them outside this morning in the sun and it was marvelous.

  2. Patrick says:

    “The place where all past pain and trauma accumulates”. That is extremely interesting. During this journey through he’ll, also known as family law, every time I ended up in court, or have to deal with my attorney, my back injury flares up (happened just a few days ago when I received my attorney latest bill). Have you found that yoga helps?

  3. justlondz says:

    Need to revisit Yoga again.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love this, and totally needed this tonight, thank you! Letting go, instead of holding tight…thank you!!!

  5. I need to try adding Yin to my mindfulness meditation practice. I need more practice in not holding on tight, to letting go. Thank you! This was very poignant for me and came at just the right time, thank you thank you!!

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