Get Used to Disappointment

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  1. stevekubien says:

    Bummer about the closed door but, YAY for contacts and not being blind.

  2. divorceat25 says:

    I’m sorry. Have you tried SCUBA with prescription masks? I’m not sure what the requirements are for passing the mask clearing requirement, but I do know that prescription masks exist.

    Sending many many positive thoughts your way!

  3. Victoria Couture says:

    My dad had contacts permanently implanted under his lens. It was not a big surgery and he has had awesome vision since then! Is that something you would be eligible for?

  4. I had LASIK when I was 35 and they warned me that corneas are living tissue, subject to changing with age. They weren’t kidding — my eyes were back to pre-surgery sight within 8 years. Wasn’t worth the money. Sometimes what seems like a great idea…isn’t. 🙁

  5. Dede says:

    I think you can order prescription googles/mask. Of course I’m certain it would be expensive. I feel your pain because I now have to use a hybrid contact that is a combination of a hard and soft lens. At $250 per lens I panic every time I drop one.

  6. Jana says:

    Don’t give up on the scuba diving just yet! You can get scuba masks with your prescription built-in for less than the cost of your contact lenses (and they work exactly like a normal mask does). You’ll never have to worry about your contacts getting washed away!

  7. I’ve always worn glasses. The idea of surgeons near my eyes completely freaks me out.

    • Me too but the fear of surgery is less than the utter helplessness I feel when a contact tears or I can’t find my glasses upon waking in an unfamiliar room. On the flip side, I visited an exhibit with a friend where you had to navigate different environments in the dark to simulate being blind. He panicked. I excelled. 🙂

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