9 Reasons You’re Struggling to Find Love Again

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  1. gingersnap74 says:

    That was so well written and right on the money. After three years being divorced and then dating a Sociopath right after (rebound admittedly) I’m fine flying solo. What is meant for me down the road I’m open to. I’ve enjoyed spending time with me and finding myself. It’s been well worth it!

  2. stevekubien says:

    Vulnerability… It used to be easy for me to leave myself open. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and it has burned me…badly. I don’t think I can handle being rejected again. I certainly want another relationship (being lonely sucks and I really miss the connection) but, I don’t see how it is going to happen.

    (Why is it that most of the time I read your blog, I end up crying? Why do I keep reading?)

    • Sorry for the tears:( It’s weird, I’ve never been a crier. Until the divorce. Now I am the one who can tear up at a commercial. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.

      I hear you on the vulnerability. I didn’t even realize I was holding back until I was engaged to be married again. And all of a sudden I felt raw. And scared to death. I never, never, never want to feel that pain again. And I also realized that I don’t want to live in fear of it either. I guess I decided that the trade off of a possible amputation was worth the avoidance of the continual ache of loneliness.

      But it still scares the shit out of me. I don’t know if I could survive it again.

  3. tywood12 says:

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  4. Jana says:

    Loved this post! Right after my husband left me, I did feel desperate to meet someone to quash that loneliness and make me feel accepted and loved. I didn’t – and I’m rather glad about that. I have decided that, while I’ll occasionally give on-line dating a try, I’m just going to live my life, continue working on myself, and be happy with what is, instead of what might be. If the right guy happens along, I’m open to it – but if not, I’ll continue to be content with myself and my life and my friends.

  5. very insightful. i will reflect on all of this. Even though, my marriage has not officially fallen apart, I do wonder what it would take to find love. And I find that unless, I am 80-90% of the way towards finding my passion and soul in life, I will have nothing to offer someone else. I have long relied on the companionship of my partner to define me. And that is my undoing in many ways. I no longer know, what I am excited about in life, but I am intent on finding out. 🙂

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