I’m Not Strong Enough

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  1. What a beautiful caring entry from a beautiful and caring person. My son would thrive with a teacher like you!! Thanks for the parts is uou that you share….I always reflect and learn so much.

  2. What an incredible and thoughtful piece. My son has dyscalculia and struggles so. We have worked with him, hired specialized tutors, etc. Perhaps if he had a teacher like you!

    • How old is he? I have seen so many thrive around 8th-9th grade that have learning differences as they learn their own needs and get better at self-advocating. Sometimes a little later for boys.

  3. I somehow feel that you wrote this for me…though I know it is a common theme and will help so many see a different perspective. I love how you connected it to students and I see the parallels and how I use similar techniques with my own students (and even my own children) to overcome obstacles. Even if it wasn’t for me, thank you. I like your perspective…think I’ll incorporate it into my own and continue to work on my “limiting beliefs”.

    • I actually did write it for you:) Your response earlier was echoing through my brain as I worked with my kids. You ARE so much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

      • Thank you for your kindness…and seeing the good in me. I see it sometimes myself, there is just so often so much other “noise” that it often gets drowned out…too much responsibility and not enough hours in the day, money in the bank, or patience to go around! haha

        • I hear you! I think it’s often easier to see the gifts in others rather than ourselves. You’ll get there. Just put on those headphones to block the noise and keep moving to where you want to be. Noise is just noise. You don’t have to listen:)

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    I love this blog/writer; she always seems to express what I’m thinking. I feel as if I could have written this post myself. It’s a bit long but well worth it!

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