9 Tips to Save Your Marriage

This article that came across my feed this morning is worth passing along. Some of the ideas the author shares are thoughts I’ve written about here. Others have made me think, as they are expressed in a way I never considered. And, as is so often the case, these tips don’t just apply to marriage; they really work within any relationship between two humans (except perhaps the tip about sex:) ). Check it out – 9 Tips That Can Save Your Marriage.

Thank you for sharing!

5 thoughts on “9 Tips to Save Your Marriage

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing this one. I found it very interesting. Unfortunately there were several points I did not discover until many years went by. Looking for an honest gal this time and will be taking my time (I thought eighteen months would have uncovered the real person).

  2. Great Post! I wish I had that information earlier in my marriage. After 36 yrs my husband left a wonderful family. I wasn’t a perfect and he wasn’t either. Only God is perfect. when your husband doesn’t communicated I thought everything was fine. He said he thought I didn’t love him. So he checked out without telling me and had an affair. For over three yrs. He kept insisting that there was not another person. Just unhappy. I believed him. Isn’t that what a marriage is about TRUSTING EACH OTHER. We went to a marriage counselor when he first said he wasn’t happy and couldn’t live like this anymore. Our theorpist ask both of us if either one of us Were having an affair. Because the therapy would not work. We have to be honest. You can’t work on a marriage with 3 people. He sat there with me and our theorpist for 2 yrs saying there was no one else. We spent thousands of dollars for him just to say he worked on our marriage. He is guilt free by working on the marriage. Tell me how you can work on a marriage with three people.
    Through all of this I’m finding who I really am I also have had to depend on God.
    I’m sad for the loss of my marriage and I take responsibility for my part. Marriage takes two people. Like I said I’m not perfect but I loved him with all my heart. I believe God has someone out there for me.
    Thank you for your post.

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