The “F It” Point

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  1. Love the end point about f it points. 😉

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    “Because that’s the thing with f it points. Once they’ve been reached there is no turning back”

  3. zombiedrew2 says:

    I get what you are saying, but don’t agree that the f it point is the point of no return. Usually, yes.

    When you hit the f it point with anything, things become very hard to turn around because you have to find reasons to care again. And that mental shift can be very difficult as it’s hard to put effort into something when your heart isn’t in it.

    I think a big part of it depends on “why” someone hits that point. Sometimes the reasons aren’t directly related to the item in question. Sometimes problems with other things spill over. And when that happens, then it is much likelier to be able to turn the attitude around.

    Probable? No. But it is possible.

    • Good point. I guess I see it as the point of no return. For me, a change in attitude or direction would have to come before I’ve reached that place. Of course, I’m also completely focused on a car right now and it doesn’t make sense to continue to invest in an old vehicle. Other things aren’t so clear cut:)

  4. atexasmist says:

    So so true!!! There’s no turning back ….

  5. atexasmist says:

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    Perfect illustration

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