The Adventure Bag

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  1. kayjcee2014 says:

    Good for you! You have inspired me to make a list now. I have always lived my life like I was wearing 2 life jackets and maybe some floaties for good measure. But I am ready to take a chance and fly, well maybe not fly just yet but take off the floaties and jump into some new adventure. Great post as always.

  2. Jana says:

    “watching Harry-Potter themed burlesque” – I’m so intrigued by this particular adventure! What IS it exactly and how did you happen upon it?

    I don’t have an “adventure bag” per se, but I do have my son’s old school backpack, which serves me well when I hike with my Meetup group. I’ve also started doing things that make me happy – even if my practical side is screaming at me that the money should be saved…just in case. I’ve decided to try to take a once-monthly road trip – by myself, with one of my adult kids, or with a friend. Even if I end up camping to save some cash – at least I’ll be doing something different and open to new adventures!

    • Love that you’re allowing your fun side to silence your practical side sometimes:)))

      The show was held a Shakespeare theater that I frequent and I learned about it through email. It was the perfect storm of humorous nerdom and titillating tease. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a mostly naked Mad Eye Moody dance with googly-eyed pasties.

  3. yeah that sounds great and all but how do you not miss hugs and kisses and the other intimate stuff. Been separated 7 months and I miss all that stuff and I am the one who initiated the separation. I like some things about it but how do I feel better about that?

    • stilllearning2b says:

      Oh my goodness! I missed that stuff SO much. I kept myself busy in an attempt to not think about it. I started dating too soon in a search for that intimacy. I snuggled with random dogs. I bought a super-soft blanket and wrapped it so tightly around myself that it almost felt like a hug. I splurged on monthly massages to get some safe touch. And throughout, I still missed it.

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