The Adventure Bag

As I packed the small backpack for my first ever deep-sea fishing trip, I came across several crumpled receipts crushed in the bottom of the bag. One was for my recent skydiving expedition, another was from a cup of hot chocolate purchased while on a winter ski trip, yet another recorded a solo kayaking journey and a fourth showed proof of purchase at a fall Highland Games.

Now apart from demonstrating that I suck at properly disposing of receipts, these slips of paper are evidence that I am living the life I promised myself after divorce.

During my first marriage, I talked about doing a lot of things. And then I talked myself out of them. The desired activities were always too expensive. Too far away. Too much trouble. I lived as though I was in a waiting room, always delaying happiness until the right moment.

But it was never the right moment.

After the marriage ended, I made a vow to myself to never wait to be happy again. To say “yes” to invitations and opportunities more than replying “no.” To sometimes spend money that I shouldn’t in order to do something that I wanted. And rather than wait for adventure to come to me, to seek it out whenever I could.

One of my early purchases in those dark days was a small backpack, three zippered compartments that fit snugly on my frame. I quickly dubbed the pack, my “adventure bag” and promised myself that I would take it on as many new excursions as possible.

On a lark this past week, I decided to try to list all of the new experiences I have enjoyed since the divorce. It was impressive:

Skydiving, water skiing, snow skiing, a trip to Alaska, an NFL game, riding on a motorcycle, running a marathon, tackling the walls at a climbing gym, paddling a dragon boat with breast cancer survivors and supporters, Peachtree Road Race, countless festivals and concerts, riding a jet ski, visiting the Georgia coast (multiple times), sailing on Lake Lanier, camping and hiking all over the Southeast, SCUBA classes, yoga classes, host a camera crew in my living room, completing Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder, watching Harry-Potter themed burlesque, a trip to the Smithsonian museums, solo explorations of Ashville and Birmingham, whale watching, parasailing, stand-up paddleboarding, stand-up paddlebaord yoga, renting a bike and braving the greenway, staying in a hotel room by myself, climbing to the top of the Wisconsin capital, visiting an authentic Korean sauna, shooting targets at a gun range, touching Canadian soil, touring my husband’s childhood stomping grounds in Maryland and South Carolina, going to Savannah (both with and without a gaggle of 8th graders), kayaking and canoeing the Chattahoochee, publishing a book, visiting the Space Needle, touring the expanded Riverwalk, ziplining in the U.S., go to Los Angeles to appear on a television show, exploring the ruins on Cumberland Island, staying at the elite Westin downtown, going on winery and brewery tours, and just a few days ago, going deep-sea fishing.

I find this funny – I was the only vegetarian on the trip and I happened to catch the biggest fish of the day:)

All in just six years.

And all because I made fun and adventure a priority.

So here’s my challenge for you – Locate or buy a bag to serve as your adventure bag. And then vow to take it to as many places and expose it to as many opportunities as possible. No excuses. No waiting for the “right time.” Just go have fun and live fully.

Receipt removal is entirely optional.

Where will your adventures take you?

Thank you for sharing!

6 thoughts on “The Adventure Bag

  1. kimberlyjo2016 – Hi, I am a mom to 2 grown boys and a new daughter (1 of my sons just got married!). I work by day at a very structured job but by night, I like to write. Really I like to write stories infused with humor. I like finding humor in everyday situations. I like to try to find the silver lining, the positive in the negative and the glass half full kind of attitude. So by writing, I can make my stories turn out however I want them to! I may even throw in some poetry, not rhyming poetry, just rambling lines that sync with my thoughts. I will also throw in some of my photos (forgot to mention I am an aspiring photographer too). I hope you enjoy my little stories, please let me know if any of them speak to you! Oh, and the name #angelonmyshoulderphotography, is because I have had so many miracles along the way that everyone would always comment that I must have an angel on my shoulder watching over me. So I got an beautiful angel tattoo on my shoulder and that's how the name came about. I think it suits me!
    kayjcee2014 says:

    Good for you! You have inspired me to make a list now. I have always lived my life like I was wearing 2 life jackets and maybe some floaties for good measure. But I am ready to take a chance and fly, well maybe not fly just yet but take off the floaties and jump into some new adventure. Great post as always.

  2. “watching Harry-Potter themed burlesque” – I’m so intrigued by this particular adventure! What IS it exactly and how did you happen upon it?

    I don’t have an “adventure bag” per se, but I do have my son’s old school backpack, which serves me well when I hike with my Meetup group. I’ve also started doing things that make me happy – even if my practical side is screaming at me that the money should be saved…just in case. I’ve decided to try to take a once-monthly road trip – by myself, with one of my adult kids, or with a friend. Even if I end up camping to save some cash – at least I’ll be doing something different and open to new adventures!

    1. Love that you’re allowing your fun side to silence your practical side sometimes:)))

      The show was held a Shakespeare theater that I frequent and I learned about it through email. It was the perfect storm of humorous nerdom and titillating tease. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a mostly naked Mad Eye Moody dance with googly-eyed pasties.

  3. yeah that sounds great and all but how do you not miss hugs and kisses and the other intimate stuff. Been separated 7 months and I miss all that stuff and I am the one who initiated the separation. I like some things about it but how do I feel better about that?

    1. Oh my goodness! I missed that stuff SO much. I kept myself busy in an attempt to not think about it. I started dating too soon in a search for that intimacy. I snuggled with random dogs. I bought a super-soft blanket and wrapped it so tightly around myself that it almost felt like a hug. I splurged on monthly massages to get some safe touch. And throughout, I still missed it.

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