How to End a Marriage

end a marriage

How to end a marriage…

The end of a relationship is excruciating whether you are initiating the breakup or you are on the receiving end of the news. Those who are in the position of being the one to announce the end face the additional pressures of being secure in their decision and they shoulder the stress of deciding how and when to end it.

This flowchart gives you a guideline for how to end a relationship. Obviously, not all possibilities are included, but it can serve as a framework for your own situation.

A – Use Your Words (How to Have the Difficult Conversations)

BShould You Divorce? 12 Questions to Consider

CHow to Save a Marriage in Ten Steps

Notice what is absent from this chart – ghosting, abandonment, manipulation and withdrawal. Remember you once loved this person. No matter the circumstances, there is no reason to be cruel.


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  1. I agree, it is never easy… unless you have already totally let go when you walk away, leaving the unsuspecting one behind totally devastated. Too many people lead deceptive lives with adultery and then walk away from marriages into their new lives with newer, younger spouses.

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