12 Reasons to Journal After Your Divorce

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  1. It is soooo empowering. Just writing your thoughts – and your intentions. Makes you stronger!

    • It SO does! I wish more people were open to it. I really believe that writing connects our emotions and our rational thoughts in a way that nothing else does.

      • Liv says:

        I find it’s also helping me to reconnect with my values regularly. Now I’m very deliberate when I’m communicating – because I recommit to those values every time I journal.

  2. james clark says:


    You have given great reasons. thanks for sharing

  3. Jane Smith says:

    I wish I’d known about your course a few years ago. I’ve been using a divorce journal lately. It doesn’t have the past/pain, present/problem-solving future/hope aspect but it does have empowering quotes (that I find myself ripping out and posting on the fridge, in my car and in my office as reminders. Thanks for this article, the work you’re doing is important. Thank you. Here’s the journal I’ve been using in case someone can’t afford your course.

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