Summer Reading List

The bookmarked articles have started piling up in my reader again. And since I’m too excited and nervous about my plan to check off a bucket-list item later this morning to write anything profound, it seemed like a good day to share the writings of others. I hope you enjoy the selection and your Sunday:)

5 Tips For Better Communication

I really enjoy Dr. Nerdlove’s perspective and advice. He writes from a straightforward perspective that somehow always makes me think just a little bit deeper or differently about a common situation. It’s good stuff.

If You Feel Like It’s Taking You Too Long to Move On, Read This

Sometimes a little perspective is helpful when we’re too hard on ourselves.

Coping With Stress in Relationships

I think this guy is a pretty new blogger, but don’t let that fool you. He often has great insight and delves deeply into a topic. Check him out; you won’t be disappointed.

20 Signs Your Partner is Controlling

Some of these are obvious. Many are not. This goes hand-in-hand with my discussion about covert abuse. Don’t be blind; know the signs.

Extramarital Affairs More Common in Dependent Spouses

This is a discussion about a recent study that found a correlation between the financial inequities in a marriage and the tendency to stray. I’m not surprised at the connection. In my own marriage, it seemed like losing his career initiated my husband’s deceptions.

Learn to Feel Her (Or Lose Her)

Good stuff here that will make you think about the expectations put on men in our society. Reading this provided some understanding and compassion for me.

15 Ways to Know If Your Partner Will Be Faithful

I don’t believe that there is such thing as an affair-proof marriage, but there are certainly character qualities you can look for to reduce the chances. It was interesting for me to see how well this list matched what I was looking for when I started dating again.

Thank you for sharing!

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