When to Try Harder and When to Walk Away

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  1. I understand feeling guilty for not putting your all into something. i have always had the motto “do it well or don’t do it at all.’ I can’t do “good enough”.
    I have also found that when I don’t know what to do, do nothing. Remain open to whatever comes your way. I seems to me that life will make your decisions for you if you just “be still and let things unfold”. We often feel we MUST make a decision and then make the wrong one.
    You might have to take a leap of faith and jump in with both feet, do with a little less money for a while in order to do a job that excites you and challenges you. Teaching is what you know and where you feel safe, it is easy to stay with what you know.
    I don’t see how a person can only do real estate for a couple of months, I have heard that a realtor needs at least a year to get their clientele and enough houses on the market for the money to start flowing and I don’t see how you can teach and do real estate, they are two full time jobs.
    But like I said, whenever I have had to make a major life decision and didn’t know what to do I just did nothing and something happened to make the decision a no brainer in the end.
    Good luck! i will look forward to hearing what the summer brings.

  2. emmagc75 says:

    Follow your heart! Real Estate is not an easy business. My Dad had a passion for it but it was never his main profession. He was lucky enough to have a close friend with a RE Agency who allowed him to swoop in, sell a few houses (usually for $$ for awesome family vacations or private school tuition lol) and then swoop back out for a few months. He still keeps his Brokers license but now is retired and just enjoying living. Good luck whatever you decide 🙂

    • Thanks! And that is one of the nice parts – it’s not difficult to maintain the license! Glad to hear your dad is living it up in retirement:)))

      • emmagc75 says:

        Exactly! U just need to find someone who can work with you. And yes he is! We tell him he better just leave enough $$ to bury him in 20 years lol!!!

  3. I just passed the first of three online real estate exams…it is a commitment. More so than I initially realized. I can relate to setting goals that may take obligatory effort from the other(s) due to lack of time, not interest. Your students are so lucky to have you! Real estate will always be there. Don’t add more unnecessary pressure to your life. Enjoy some well deserved down time over the summer with your hubby, and if you find a moment to answer real estate inquiries or do some research – great! If not, no worries!!!

  4. Forget about the others – you’re doing whatever you do for you. Because you’re the one who has to live with it. Good luck Lisa!!

  5. Colleen says:

    I believe decisions should never be made when you’re in turmoil. Relax. And the answer will unfold in time. Is there anyway, if not this year then next, to take a leave of absence from teaching? If after a year of focusing on real estate it is not everything you dreamed it would be — you would have lost a year’s salary and a year toward retirement but you’d have some experience to back up you’re decision.

    • I wish! The only way a job is held here is for medical reasons (and that’s just a guarantee that you’ll have a job in the county, not the same school/position). We sign contracts in the early spring that run through the following summer.

      My good friend says that education is like the mafia; you have to die to get out. And sometimes it feels that way if you’re not willing to break contract (and risk losing your certification). I plan to maintain my teaching certification if/once I leave as a fall-back plan, but I also have to be mentally prepared to walk away for good at that point. And I don’t think I’m there yet, especially because I have a principal whom I love. Now when she leaves, it may be a different story!


      • Colleen says:

        It’s interesting that we are striving for a common curriculum for students but the rights of teachers vary significantly from state to state or even school district to school district. I know what you mean about the boss. I stayed at a job and turned down one I thought might be close to my dream job because I had a great boss. He left soon after and with the new boss (the opposite of great) — I knew it was definitely time to make a change. Who knows maybe someday you will combine your two passions and teach a real estate course. Good Luck.

        • Thanks! I’ve thought about that combo too. Right now, I’m working on a web- based moving on from victim hood course. It’s really cool using my skills with curriculum design and teaching in a new way.

          As for teacher rights, so true. I’m not a default union supporter, but when I contrast teacher pay and conditions with my non-union state to others, it does make me want more power to create change.

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