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The Birchbox Effect

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I did something a bit out of character yesterday.

I sought out a website, entered my credit card information and hit “subscribe” for something that is far from a necessity.

At least not in the strictest sense.

I certainly do not need a monthly box of beauty samples.

But things are often more than skin deep.

And that is the case here.

I somehow doubt that I am a typical customer for Birchbox. I never feel more insecure than when I enter a cosmetic store or hair salon. I have to remind myself to throw away eye makeup before it goes bad and the four bottles of nail polish I’ve owned for the last several years probably have gone bad. My hair dryer is rarely used and my shampoo is of the knock-off variety. I can get ready in the same amount of time as my husband. Or even less.

In other words, I rarely put time, money or energy into skin care, hair or makeup.

Yet, in those rare moments where I do spend a little extra on typically feminine pursuits, I feel good. I get a little thrill out of trying a new product or a new color. I find that playing with makeup can make me feel a little playful (as well as a little anxious!). Additionally, I enjoy surprises and trying something new.

I’ve also been neglecting myself a bit lately. I’ve been doing the necessities, but falling into the trap of everything being another item on the to-do list.

So the monthly Birchbox is a gift to myself. A small smile to look forward to every month. A reminder to stop and smell the rose-scented lotion. A tap on the shoulder telling me to embrace my femininity and to take the time away from the lists to take care of myself. And practice approaching that which makes me anxious with a sense of curiosity rather than unease.

I’m dubbing it the “Birchbox Effect,” a recurring reminder to appreciate the small gifts in life.

What’s your Birchbox Effect?

Sharing is caring!

10 thoughts on “The Birchbox Effect

  1. My sister did this for me shortly after D-day…it was a nice little treat, as I’m a lot like you in that I don’t fret over cosmetics. I did find an amazing mascara that I now use exclusively though…so worth it. Enjoy your little ‘pamper me’ moments! You do deserve it! 🙂

  2. Gym actually, I feel better after going. I will never be a size six or even close, but the feeling during and after a gym visit just feels good. It took me awhile to get back into the swing of things, I was the one to suggest to my ex to go, he was tipping scale at 300, then he lost weight including me.

    1. Love it! Exercise is such an amazing habit to build. I truly believe its internal/mood benefits are even more important than the physical. So glad you’re enjoying it. Keep swinging!:)

  3. This is great. I feel the same way when I purchase makeup and feel “put together” when I leave the house. I might have to check out this subscription!

    1. There’s a bunch of them out there. I went with this one because of its good ratings and the fact that it’s only $10/month and you can cancel whenever you want. You can also answer some basic questions which helps them select products that match for you.

      1. I keep starting and stopping completing the profile. What am I afraid of?? I’m doing it now! Thanks for the encouragement (and solidarity).

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