Ruminating vs. Processing. Do You Know the Difference?

I often find that people are confused about the difference between ruminating on the past and processing the past. They think they are doing one when, in reality, they are often doing more of the other. I can see where the confusion exists – both ruminating and processing involve thinking about (and perhaps talking about) the past.

And that’s about where the similarities end.

So then what does separate ruminating from processing?


Rumination starts in the past and it stays in the past. It starts with thought and it stays with thought. It is time spent pondering the “what ifs” and playing choose-your-own-adventure with experiences now past. Rumination gets you nowhere. It has no goal and no purpose apart from endlessly exploring those well-tread mental paths. It can be a trap as its labyrinthine cords bind you to your past. Rumination thrives on recursive thought, one idea leading you to the next and to the next with no external input.

It’s easy to ruminate. Trigger a sad memory and this can easily be the default setting initiated. It’s the automatic pilot of the traumatized mind. It takes no energy to sustain and, in fact, requires energy to break out of its insidious cycle. Excessive rumination may be a sign of depression. If you find that you are having difficulty breaking out of the cycle, seek help. It’s out there.


Processing may initiate from the past, but it is then future-focused. It begins with thought and then continues in action. Unlike the unfocused meandering of rumination, processing is directed. There is an end goal in mind and steps are taken to reach that intention.

When you’re processing, you’re not just going over it.

You’re making sense of it.

It’s difficult to process. First, you have to summon the courage to face things you would rather bury and leave for dead. Then, you have to be willing to take responsibility not only for your part in whatever happened, but also for your well-being going forward. The past must be examined for patterns and connections. New input needs to be considered and assumptions dropped; the well-worn mental paths may indeed be missteps and it might be time to carve some new ones. Those memories can be combed through until sense is made and the endless loops are broken.

And then comes the hardest part. Processing requires action.

It’s not just your thoughts that need to change in order to release the past.

You do.

Thank you for sharing!

15 thoughts on “Ruminating vs. Processing. Do You Know the Difference?

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    sassafrass20 says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I really needed this at this particular point in my processing stage of “making sense of everything”. I love your blog and posts. 😊

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    Some good ideas for me here.. action causes me pain, wallowing causes me pain, seems like so much getting over this nonsense causes me pain and I can see now how bcxzzzdfxzxxzzymj

  3. Wonderful post! It’s hard to get to the processing point, but once you do, it’s a wonderful feeling to get PAST the past. Learn from it and never repeat it. 🙂

  4. Becca – Fraser Valley, BC, Canada – Undergoing a massive life change, I quit my job in 2013, moved, and five weeks later my husband left me. The phoenix process is well underway now, and I am anticipating good things in my future as I become more aligned to my authentic self.
    Rebecca Clare says:

    Great article Lisa. Rumination can not only lead to depression, it can lead to, keep active, and increase anxiety.

  5. BecHanson – I am a woman who likes to discuss relationships, pop culture and life. I find the interplay between the sexes a fascinating puzzle.
    BecHanson says:

    Very well researched and helpful as usual Lisa. It was a huge step forward for me when I started to understand the difference between the two and stopped ruminating, what a relief, it’s exhausting!

  6. Janna The Warrior – This is my story. My journey out of my prison cell as a victim and the journey to freedom. This is a hopeful place for survivors, warriors & supporters who are fighting the battle against violence/abuse by an intimate partner. This includes verbal, emotional, physical and sexual abuse and violence.
    Janna's LifeDay says:

    Great post! It was interesting and well written

  7. souldancer44 – A little wacky but loving single mother and teacher looking to release pent up anger, sadness and heartache through writing, listening and sharing with like minded individuals who don't mind laughing at their own mess ups
    souldancer44 says:

    Excellent! You are so articulate with your thoughts!

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