Facing Avoidance

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  1. paescapee says:

    One of the best posts I’ve read that described my experience- thank you.

  2. zombiedrew2 says:

    Avoidance is a coping mechanism, but it’s one of the most self-destructive ones that someone can have.

    Facing things isn’t easy, but it’s necessary in order to move forward in a positive way in life. Avoidance prevents that. When someone avoids things, their individual reasons are always valid. But looking at those reasons collectively over a period of time, they form a pattern where there are ALWAYS reasons not to do something, or not to get to something.

    It’s amazing. Some times people spend all this time and energy actively avoiding issues, and if/when they finally confront the problem they realize they spent way more energy avoiding something than they would have spent dealing with it in the first place.

    Avoidance is an easy trap to fall into, but it’s very destructive.

  3. Great post. I need to apply this logic.

  4. Bugsmetwo says:

    Thank you!

  5. Bugsmetwo says:

    Reblogged this on My Life is a Soap Opera and commented:
    Wanted to repost so I don’t forget this needed info of wisdom.

  6. giraffesmile says:

    your words are filled with strength. thank you

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