The Entitled Ones

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  1. EBell says:

    Oh I so needed this!! Husband hasn’t deposited any money in 4 weeks now. I’m looking for a job, and have to tell the kids that no more eating out, but I’ll NOT bulge under his pressure. Mediation in 2 weeks. You described this man perfectly, and yes, he needs to leave his life as I need to live mine.

  2. Ashley says:

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  3. Hank says:

    My wife died last year and this struck a nerve.

    After the funeral, children from my children’s school and some who no longer attended the school, went after my daughter on line with such endearing things as “Boo Hoo, your mommy is dead, nobody cares, your daddy can’t afford the private school and instead will have to come on over to the public school.

    In addition were comments about cutting and killing one’s self as well as sexual comments and those that said, “you don’t belong at so and school.” My children got into that school because of academics and the wife’s credentials and got a break on tuition as it was a 20 k a year school. They no longer attend that school.

    Perhaps what I was dealing with was more on the level of evil than entitled but is amazing to see such children and adults stoop to such outrageous levels and will never understand and/or forgive the sorry excuses for human being that said what they said to two little girls.

    • How horrible for your daughters. It’s sad and scary how some people use the distance and illusion of protection of the internet to bully and harm. I hope the girls have found some more supportive friends at their new school.

  4. Liv says:

    Yes. The realization is incredible and empowering. And soon you can identify them everywhere. It’s like you’ve taken off rose colored glasses – and you can see how ugly they really are.

  5. only24dates says:

    This was excellent. Thank you so much for sharing!

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