Is It Better to Know the Pain Is Coming?

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  1. AthenaC says:

    For me I think it’s better not to know ahead of time.

    Regardless of whether you know or you don’t know, you still have no choice but to endure it. In some cases (like childbirth for me), that process of surviving it means that all the higher order mental functions that separate us from the animals just stop. So although I’m in pain I’ve lost the ability to think about my pain and my situation; I’m in complete tunnel-vision mode. It’s only afterward when the human part of my brain has returned that I look back on what I experienced and shudder – in some ways it’s worse to think about it than it is to go through it.(*)

    If you know ahead of time, none of the above changes; however, this time you have all the anxiety ahead of time on top of it. You can’t really enjoy your last few hours / days before the pain really begins.

    (*) All that being said, the only feeling in the world that makes you look forward to labor is the feeling of being 9 months pregnant. 🙂

  2. Surgery/Medical pain – absolutely
    emotional pain – maybe as I know that I for one would have done a few things differently with everything I have been through the last 12 months. Especially last month.

  3. From experience, better to know and be prepared. Good luck and hoping it won’t be as bad.

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