An Objective Look At Your Relationship

When we’re on the inside of a relationship, it is often difficult to be objective. After all, we don’t just observe, we experience. We feel. And sometimes we only see what we are prepared to see.

So it can be helpful to have a metric with which to assess the health of our relationships. I like these lists. They’re succinct yet they’re complete. They can give you a sense of the overall health of your current relationship, help you understand what went wrong in a past relationship or highlight areas where you can improve.

Check out both. Although there are some areas of overlap, healthy is not simply the absence of the unhealthy traits.

50 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

50 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

One of the more important aspects of a healthy relationship is respecting (or even celebrating) your differences. Brock tucked a rose into the vase of tulips that I purchased for my desk. I love the wild abandon of the rose against the more restrained temperament of the tulips. And it is a perfect image for how Brock and I are different and together make life more interesting.

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