You and Me Against the World

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  1. Ray says:

    You’re a teacher, and you’re an introvert? Can’t wrap my head around that… 🙂 I taught Elem. School (3rd grade) for 3 years before moving into the IT field with law firms. Most teachers LOVE to talk… LOL.

    • 3rd grade? Much respect! Those little ones scare me! I actually know quite a few introverted teachers. We can be “on” in the classroom and then we need time to retreat and restore. And when we don’t get that time… It can get ugly:)

  2. Love this…such a mature way of looking at it. We throw that around too much “us against the world.” We should be more inclusive…see what all this “crap” (I mean, life experience) leads you with — WISDOM. 🙂 Lovely post as always. Thank you…

  3. maryfran03 says:

    I understand what you mean by this. My ex-husband attempted to separate me from the outside world and make it about us against the world in a very controlling way. When I finally started to open up about what was going on at home and getting real support from my community, I realized that I was strong enough to get away from him and his control. And I found a whole new world out there to support me.

  4. As somewhat of an introvert (despite what I do for a living) I never realized how much my ex had cut me off. That is until he left and I realized how very alone I was. Now? It is really hard, more than a year later and I am still, very much alone.

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