Hope is a Passive Verb

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  1. Brett Huebner says:

    Two questions is it appropriate to wish ex wife happy birthday? Also is it appropriate to ask how her job is going when she has not yet told me what her job is?

  2. I used to cringe at the word ‘hope’ as I always thought I had to make things work, take responsibility for making everything all right. Those people who placed ‘hope’ in anything, to me, was putting blind faith in something. That was until I was thrown into a hole and I realized that I could not fix things. It was then that I had the choice between hope and despair. I chose hope. That was the first step and, while it isn’t an action, it is a positive voice inside that says ‘do not give up’.
    I do agree with your point that then must be followed by plans and actions, but I do now believe that any change towards a better life does begin with hope.

  3. Using “hope” or “try” is something I actively work on eliminating. I used to find myself saying “i will try not to text him back” instead of “i will not text him back”. Now, I may not always succeed, but I much prefer the strong statement – I can’t hide behind “try” anymore and end up being more accountable for my actions this way.

    Great post!!

  4. Happy new year and best wishes to you and yours for health, happiness, peace & prosperity in 2015!

  5. Very thought provoking. I would say the same thing about my team winning in the playoffs game if I was writing it down. “I hope ___”. But I think there is so much superstition in sports. So for me if I say anything I believe about my team or my “hopes” I also knock on wood. But I’m the person who thinks that if I am watching the game in one room in my house and my team is winning that I shouldn’t leave that room (or vice versa).
    But what is also interesting is that we almost named our third child Hope. And that makes me think.

  6. I think though, we start with hope. As we curl into ourselves for that first round of hurt, through that first bit of healing what shines is hope. Then as the light ‘hope’ shines, we uncurl and start to believe. The rest follows.

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