The Little Things

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  1. Love is most definitely in the little gestures; it is not in grand declarations. Love is someone dropping their Friday night plan so you can spend the night on their couch because you locked yourself out of you apartment, and covering you with a blanket as you start to drift off to sleep, kissing your forehead and moving the hair off your face before they retire to bed.

  2. I hope and pray I find my Brock some day…you are truly a blessed woman.

  3. I have lip balm near me at all times, as well. It is everywhere: my pocket, the desk, the coffee table, the night stand. I should invest in the company that makes Chapstick 🙂

  1. January 19, 2019

    […] after a bad day. I grew convinced that nobody else would ever whisper, “Love you,” as he slid my glasses off of my sleeping face. My mind’s eye alternated between playing slideshows of the happy moments of my now-defunct […]

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