I Screwed Up

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  1. maryfran03 says:

    What a great message. And one I share with my students, and their parents, all the time. It’s ok to fail or struggle or make a mistake, it’s what you do with that mistake that makes all the difference and shows your true character. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

  2. Looking in the eye of failure will allow us to see success!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~
    Admitting to your mistakes is good but assuring you don’t make the same mistake two is greatest. Will we walk into a wall with our eyes close? Yes but will we walk into the same wall the next time our eyes are closed is the measure of progress. Nice message, i enjoyed the read!!!!

  3. thabiso says:

    Well this post is talking to me, I did made so many mistakes and sometimes when people see me they always see my mistakes even if I try they always remind of them. I sometimes wish to be only with people who don’t know me or who will appreciate me.

    But the thing is I end up not carring about what think of me and say what will make me happy but that hurts them.

    Yes I do admit my mistakes, but what do I get after? I get downgraded.

  4. I think sometimes we forget to say goodbye to the ego. We learn how powerful it can be and how it is born in school, but we never learn when to subdue it for our own sake and the sake of others. Enjoyed this one. Thank you as always.

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