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  1. This post really had me thinking from two perspectives. The first is thinking someone is being your protector, and perhaps it begins that way, and in the end it is all about them controlling. That is sad. The other type of gate-keeper is when you begin to keep things from the other person so as to prevent a rage or bad mood. Becoming a ‘gate-keeper’ as protection for yourself. That is also not good. These are, I suppose, some of those ‘red flags’ that are only obvious in hindsight.

  2. Hi, Lisa Arends, the poetry “Gatekeeper” I liked, and is beautiful and quite true. Thank you for following my blog. I would like to follow yours but I haven’t yet found where I can do that.

  3. In hindsight that is exactly what happened in my marriage…we both became “gatekeepers”…she wanted control of everything and I kept my thoughts from her so I didn’t burden her with them.
    However I do feel that the role of “gatekeeper(s)” should actually be defined as both parties making sure that a division never happens.Not as one who puts up walls and keeps secrets in order to keep the peace within the marriage.
    Great article (as always…lol)

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