Tells – The Truth Always Finds a Way Out

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  1. anonymous says:

    Well now I’m worried. Recently MY blood pressure has been steadily rising and remains higher than my Drs. would like it to be although no meds yet. I’d always had low blood pressure throughout my 28+ years of marriage, except of course when the Big conflicts showed up. I know you’re not a doctor but should I go back to counseling and what type of therapy do I tell them I need…obviously what I’ve been through – events & counseling hasn’t done as much good as it needs to if I’m to get through this with some measure of good health. I don’t like psychological games either…but now I’m wondering if I’m “playing solitaire”.

    • Anonymous says:

      After my ex left my blood pressure kept going up. Got so bad I could hear my heart beating in my head. I too had always had very low blood pressure so this was a very alarming feeling. I have a treadmill and I started walking on it every day, even ran a little. After awhile my blood pressure came back down. I still walk. I can say it saved my life and my sanity. I was married for 31 years.

    • The blood pressure may be just a sign of underlying stress or it may just be the normal changes in an aging body. Keep up with your doctors and follow their recommendation and also probe to see if you’re trying to avoid facing something that is causing distress.

  2. This is so accurate and I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I think we married the same man. He started having blood pressure issues toward the end as well… I’m sure it’s worse now because the pile of lies has only increased. So sick being married to someone who views life as a game and people as his players and chips. But you’re right. The truth always fights to get out, even if it seems the lie wins for a while. Great post, as always.

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