It Doesn’t Get Easier; You Get Stronger


I love the feeling of doing something that was once difficult only to find that it has become easy.

I have this one running route that I have been frequenting for the last year or so. It is an eight-mile loop from my house through a nearby neighborhood. This particular community is a favorite training ground for the triathletes in the area because it has HILLS (not to be confused with their tamer brethren, hills).

This run was a real challenge for me at first, as I had been training primarily along the river and the greenway with their decided lacks of HILLS or even hills. I grew comfortable with level ground and my legs and lungs fought to handle the grade changes. In fact, there were many ventures through this neighborhood that resulted in more miles walked than run as I failed to meet the trial.

But I still keep going back.

And last night, I just finished that route in my best time ever.

But even better? There is one looong HILL towards the end of the run that is a real beast. I always prep myself ahead of time, slowing my breathing and adjusting my gait so that I can make it up the entire stretch. Last night, I was into my podcast and didn’t even notice the hill (it has officially lost its HILL status now!) until it was behind me.

I was so excited when I became aware of my unawareness, that I even had enough energy to sprint the final mile home.

There is no better feeling that staying with something until it becomes easy.

Because you become stronger.


A major side effect of divorce (especially when infidelity is involved) is a lack of confidence. The cure is not to have people tell you you’re great. Or to seek out the attentions of attractive members of your preferred gender. Although both are certainly nice, they only scratch the surface.

The way to build confidence is to try something you think you can’t do.

And then try again.

And again.

Until it becomes easy.

Because you became stronger.


And no, you don’t have to run. But before you say you can’t, read about how I started.



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