I Feel Hopeless

Discouraging doesn’t even come close.

So many days, it just feels impossible.

There is so much to do. So much to rebuild.

And you just have nothing left.

No energy. No money. No time.

But those are just excuses talking.

The fear of letting go holding you back.

I know. I’ve been there.

The best part about a new beginning is that anything is possible.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, these posts will light the way and help to guide you towards a better life:

Everything is going to be okay.  Those words were my Xanax against the panic.




You don’t have to do it all at once. One step at a time.


Have you been betrayed? Have you found the gifts hidden within?




It’s difficult not to see yourself as a victim when something happens to you. But you are only a victim if you imprison yourself. Release the shackles of the past and let your spirit soar.




My divorce was a forest fire – everything was destroyed and the land was cleared for new growth.


When gratitude is your wrapping paper, everything is a gift.



Been floored by a tsunami? Learn how to surf.


Wondering if you can ever trust again? You can.





Every ending holds the seed to a new beginning. Let it grow.


Failure means you’re learning. Starting over means you’re applying the lessons.




Happiness is divorce in the rearview mirror.


The words we say to others have influence. The words we say to ourselves have power.



How to love when you’re the next love.


Finding love again. It’s different, but different can be better.





And finally, my own story of love after divorce. A reflection on a journey. And what a helluva journey it’s been!



Thank you for sharing!

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  1. momfawn – Visalia, CA – I am a sixty-something baby-boomer -- daughter, mother, wife (twice), grandmother, aunt, Independent Consultant with Close To My Heart -- retired and celebrating a life thoroughly lived.
    momfawn says:

    Beautiful messages of hope. – Fawn

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