I Feel Angry

The journal I kept in those early months after he left is warped and torn. Not from age. But from the force of my pen.

I wasn’t angry.

I was furious.

Nothing about the situation was okay.

Nothing was fair.

And I wanted him to pay.



If you are fuming at the actions of your ex or the unfairness of the situation, these posts are for you:


There is something about divorce that makes everyone want to point fingers. If you find fingers are pointed at you or if you have pointed them at others, you’ll want to read this post about the blame game.



I was hoping to find justice in the courts. Instead, I found more frustration. Divorce courts don’t punish individual misdeeds; they punish the entire class.



Anger seeks a target. A powerful question to ask yourself – what would make it all okay? You may be surprised by the answer.



We tend to view anger as aggression. When often, anger is simply pain screaming to be heard.

Want to forgive but not sure how? Try Forgiveness 101. 

Or, for a different perspective, here’s when you shouldn’t forgive.



Sometimes you have to let it all out. This is a test of the emergency rant system. This is only a test.



Anger is a powerful, yet corrosive fuel. It moves you along, yet causes damage if you hold onto it too long. Ready to let go? Try this. It was a powerful shift for me.



You don’t have to do it all yourself. Karma’s got your back. She’s always watching:)





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