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  1. stevekubien says:

    I am truly sorry your past can still haunt you in this way. I didn’t come home to find my wife had abandoned me like you did. Still, I “get” the anxiety of being stranded by someone (or something in the case of your car). It is a horrible thing to experience. I’m glad you have Brock to hold you through it.

  2. momfawn says:

    Sometimes those feelings of abandonment rock us to our core. But it gets easier with time and a loving husband. – Fawn

  3. It is strange what can trigger anxiety, or a minor breakdown. I think it is because you have been left to deal with everything on your own. I feel the same, occassionally it is too much and being rational takes a back seat. Keep going, you may not think you are doing ok but you actually are x

  4. I still feel a lot of anxiety from the traumas that I experienced during my marriage. We never saved money for things, so we ended up buying furniture (couches, TVs, washers, dryers, etc.) from rent-to-own places and then never had money to pay the bill so they would show up at our house to collect whatever we were renting from them, and I would hide in the house until they went away. It happened so many times, I guess it just became normal to me. After separating and getting my own place, I still get anxious when there is a knock at the door. My first thought is that it is someone trying to collect property from me even though I don’t rent-to-own anything and pay my bills on time. I hope that goes away after some time passes 🙁

  5. Huge hugs to you cause I know that anxiety can trigger those crazy responses. I think the only thing that works is time to heal, get further away from the initial cause of the anxiety until your subconscious no longer triggers those reactions.

  6. It really helps me to know that even someone as strong as you are triggers like this too, Lisa. You are awesome. Thank you for sharing this and for being so authentic. <3

  1. October 30, 2014

    […] At least until she leaves me stranded again. At which point, I’ll set her up with my mechanic and run off with a new model. I can only take so much:) […]

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