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  1. SoulScream says:

    I love this post! It is so true that we are comparison people. We can’t help it. For me comparing takes the intimacy out of the moment, because silence for me is uncomfortable. Being intimate is scary and requires vulnerability. I commend you for seeing such an important truth!

    • Vulnerability is so scary, especially after being hurt.

      • SoulScream says:

        I made the huge mistake of starting a live relationship before both of our divorces were final. I just thought that God was giving me a soft landing. I was wrong. Now I have two relationships to grieve. People in my community say that it took great courage to love hard in a relationship where there are no guarantees, but it just feels like a lack of wisdom on my part.

  2. Liv says:

    My ex was just frustrating in general – so the opposite was true for me. Although hubs and I worked together for three years prior to getting together, it wasn’t until we tackled our first crib that I realized sometimes four hands are better than two. Sometimes it just depends who owns the other set.

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