Progressive Resistance

On your first day stepping foot in a gym, you’re probably not going to try to pick up these.



More likely, you assess your starting point and gravitate towards some weights that will challenge you a little.

But not too much.

Maybe something like this:)

As time progresses and you become stronger, those little weights begin to feel puny. They are no longer a struggle as you become stronger.

So, you apply the theory of progressive resistance, trading in your little weights for some that are just a little bigger still.

And a strange thing happens as you progress to heavier and heavier weight.

If you do it right, the resistance always feels about the same.

Not because the weights aren’t changing,

But because you are.


It would be nice if life progressed like sessions at the gym.

But that’s rarely the case.

Often, you’re humming along, happily curling your 1 pound weights when life suddenly drops this in your lap-

And expects you to lift it.


Life’s challenges rarely come with a warm-up.

We usually don’t have the prior warning to begin training for the challenge.

The trial simply appears. And we either have to figure out how to lift it.

Or we end up crushed.


You can wail it’s not fair.

Or complain that it’s impossible.

Or you can get to work.


Take it apart. Break it down into manageable pieces. You can lift anything if you make it small enough.

Enlist a buddy. Ask for help. A load is lightened by many hands.

View your challenge compared to others. It may not be as heavy as it looks. Perspective has a way of making mountains into molehills. 

Tackle your trials a little at a time. Each experience will make you stronger for the next. Celebrate your growth.

Ignore the impossible for a time and build yourself. Get better, get stronger and then come back and show it who’s boss.

Seek out the experts. Learn how to lift and how to breathe. A little guidance can go a long way.


Progressive resistance teaches us that it’s okay to get there in baby steps.

That struggle is rewarded with strength.

And that there is no burden we cannot lift given enough time and enough effort.


So when life throws these at you,


get busy training.


Thank you for sharing!

8 thoughts on “Progressive Resistance

  1. betrayedin2012 – I am in my early thirties, married with 2 children. And Christmas night of 2012, after 10 years of marriage, I discovered my husband was having an affair, and I just want to talk about it.
    betrayedin2012 says:

    sooooo… in ur first paragraph u use the words assess… but because ur talking about a gym, im accessing my “gym knowledge”… and i have to read the sentence a couple time cause it did not make ANY sense to me… asses? no, she must’ve had a typo, your ass will…… no that doesnt make sense.. I stayed on that section, not reading forward just redoing what I just read… asses? asses? no, asses…. dammit okay i’ll keep reading…. asssess!! lmao… NOT asses… assesss…..

    sorry… i had a total dumbass moment.. Hubby and I were talking gym talk earlier, I think my ass is a little chunky, blah blah blah, it was just funny to me…

    1. That is sooo funny. And a great example of how much our prior knowledge impacts our reality. Thanks for sharing!:)

      …and I’m sure your ass is just fine!

  2. hlongwanetp – 882N Bluegumbosch, phuthaditjhaba,9869 – I'm a young dynamic male who's interest is to change lives, I strongly believe in touching souls through words and console those in pain, I write to give hope and to motivate. I believe in creating life where there's none. My vision is to help those in dark and disadvantaged by their background, to show that your background does not determine who you are. I'm a Business man and a Paralegal residing in South Africa. That's me!
    hlongwanetp says:

    Good post as we all know that we won’t make it to life alone we need friends, family and love to keep going. When the huge load of hardship is on your shoulders you need people to help you off load. Yes the world is no place for one man and woman we need each other to succeed.

  3. The One Who Teaches – I am a mom and a substitute teacher with an endorsement in Secondary Language Arts. I have also been divorced, and married to someone who committed suicide.
    The One Who Teaches says:

    This is a beautiful analogy! I wish I had thought of this when I had a break down during my last teaching position. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with the thought of tackling the whole problem all at once, and so often we are too afraid to admit defeat to a friend/family member and get help. Great advice! 🙂

  4. Excellent post. You have no idea how this resonated with me. Thank u. I just hope i will gather enogh strength and motivation to follow thru these extremely difficult times.

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