The Best is Yet to Come

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  1. Audrey says:

    So well written. I really needed this. Thank you.

  2. Ryan Dueck says:

    well done! Those truly are inspirational words to move forward with.

  3. I can’t wait, I need this kind of positivity in my life right now

  4. And further on, to realize that the ‘love’ need not be another person but can be a belief, a career, a purpose or a cause worth fighting for.

  5. momfawn says:

    So true, Elizabeth…sometimes those wonderful “loves” can be granddaughters! – Fawn

  6. hlongwanetp says:

    Love is always from God you will always find love as long as you live in this world. You get divorced today and get married tomorrow you just have to be happy that you had an experience in marriage and keep on trying till you get that perfect one.

  7. Jules says:

    Thank you….I needed to read this today. I’ve been away from here for a while (summer vaca with the kids) and coming back today to catch up on the blogs brings my mind back to the present. I don’t care that my stbex is on vacation (yet ANOTHER) with her. He did some pretty awful things last night. I wish they would just move away.

  8. chris1731 says:

    Beautiful 🙂
    Hope and Promise – that the best is yet to come!
    This mornings read made me feel better…

    Thank You.

    • You are so welcome! What’s one thing you have to look forward to in your life right now? No matter how small:)

      • chris1731 says:

        LOL… I just read your comment and was just thinking how much I enjoyed my 1st cup of coffee and toast from my remodeled kitchen and condo:) I was looking forward to that this morning.

        Great question – I never really thought about it from that perspective! I just kind moved on from day to day (task to task).

        I’ll think I’ll ask myself this question daily – definitely when my brain is in a twist and I feel like the walking dead…. Thanks

        • How perfect! Coffee makes everything better:) I just did a kitchen remodel myself and I find I like to just be in the space and enjoy it!

          I am all about celebrating any little moment!! Enjoy that second cup of coffee:)

  9. Already there…but still inspired by your story.

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