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  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. Obviously the memories are yours, but the pictures are breathtaking. Glad you’re home safe and sound!!


  2. Marie Powers says:

    Your post brings back bittersweet memories. My ex and I honeymooned in Alaska at the end of June in 1981 and visited some of the places you visited. We arrived at our first Alaskan night in Skagway and found that our motel had been taken over by the film crew of the movie “Never Cry Wolf” There were no other accommodations in town in those days so we ended up staying in someone’s tiny,tiny trailer (at the same rate as the motel!!!) with no curtains on the windows and the shower/bathroom was 21/2 feet square). Your photos remind me of how cold it was. Our rental car had holes in the floor!!! We did get to see moose though. If you haven’t seen Never Cry Wolf you should rent it-very educational…I have always said that it is a film that should be shown in high school science classes. I am sure you would appreciate it. Think of me freezing in a metal cube if and when you see it 🙂 Maybe the experience was an omen!!!

  3. Welcome back…I’m glad you had a fun safe trip. AWESOME pictures. Now rest up and relax the rest of the week and start anew on Monday!!

  4. I remember going to Alaska as a kid. We never made than Ketchikan, but I recall it had one main street with both ends ending in dense forest. I had the best salmon I have ever had in my life there (caught that morning). And, I do recall the water as we flew in in a pontoon plane. Great sunset picture! As I recall, the sun never did set while we were there.

    Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

  5. Melanie says:

    I just had to laugh that you are wearing a hat in a hot tub. Only in Alaska!

  1. September 23, 2014

    […] awesome as the Alaskan cruise was, it has one lingering drawback. A solid eight days of eating food that your body is not acclimated […]

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