Sleight of Mind

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  1. Fascinating.

  2. I failed. I ran the video before I read your post and I missed the bear. (I also missed three of the passes).

  3. PS. Now I have now read your post and ingested it. I too focussed on the legal process and as it is drawing to a close (2 years nine months after separation) some other buried aspects are beginning to surface. It can be a bit frightening because it makes me feel as if I am going backwards. I know I am not really. An understanding that one can only deal with one or two calamities at a time does help in understanding why the buried factors suddenly seem to surface. They have been there all along, but it is only now that I can give them my attention.

  4. Great read! I’ve been so focused of the legal, support and arrangements of the pending birth of our son that I seem and strong on the outside. But I’m worried the proverbial other shoe will drop and I will crumble… My therapist says no, I’m too strong (I do not share her confidence).

  5. Exit 4A says:

    I’m going through the angst and anger of the end of a 26yr affair and one of the ways recommended to me to get past his cheating on ME is to focus on his negative traits, and not wallow in the love that was lost. This seems to run counter to your admonitions in your post, but I liked it anyway! Great job, as usual — Exit 4A at WordPress

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