Loving the ADHD Brain

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  1. jaroland74 says:

    It is a great post for me and my wife!! I sound very much like Tiger!! Thanks for being so open!!

  2. This was a great approach. One of the authors I work with is also ADHD and is writing a book about growing up being undiagnosed. I read his book and sometimes want to weep. I am going to send him this link.

  3. shdwmage says:

    I really liked this. I myself am a bit all over the place, though even ADHD people have cleanliness and clutter thresholds!

    I finally got around to breathing some life-support into my own blog, but I may have flat-lined it. Blogs are not the easiest thing to stay on top of when you’re constantly going in multiple directions. I really do enjoy reading your thoughts. It lets me know that eventually things will straighten out.

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