The Impersonator

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    I love this post about mimicry and seeing through things. I begin daily to see through Alfie and Nana. The hardest right now, is to see through myself. Who the heck am I? I am one person with Nana, another with my friends, another at work, another with Alfie, another with strangers. It would be normal if each of this one wasn’t so different from another. Worst of all, I don’t always like each of me.

  2. Trying hard to see through myself these days!

  3. momfawn says:

    A bluejay visiting is cause for celebration in our yard, as bluejays were my mother’s favorite bird (along with hummingbirds) and I view them as messengers from her. I love the picture you painted of the jay becoming a hawk to protect her babies. – Fawn

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