Scared of Love? You’re Not Alone

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  1. I wrote about just this subject the other day. I won’t say never, just not now.

  2. Jules says:

    That is exactly how I feel. For now? Forever? Who knows.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I also would add that the thought of a new relationship sometimes feels overwhelming, as the thought of getting to know another person intimately on every level seems exhausting after having done it in previous relationships. As I entertain dating again, I am learning to take it one step at a time, confront my fear, and let go a little more each day. It is most definitely a process.

  4. This was an interesting article and I have bookmarked it. One other thing I would add is s fear of losing oneself.After being in a long-term relationship, I am enjoying learning to be my authentic self probably for the first time in my life and I do not want to give that up (yet). It is probably covered a little by points # 1 & 2, although not exactly.
    Thanks for the link. .

  5. As you have requested it I am happy to leave the link, I normally wouldn’t do this.

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