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  1. lynette says:

    You raise some good points, and I know teachers have a unique insight into other people’s children. I think, though, that parents (and I am one) can only teach what they themselves can do. In my years of raising my kids, I have come to believe that 98% of parents do the best they can do given who they are. The outside world is responsible for the rest of the lessons. Also, brain development continues until mid-20s. Some of these lessons middle-school aged kids are completely not able yet to integrate.

    I face an empty nest in a couple of years — one in college, one halfway through high school. And I am struggling with it, despite my desire to see them soar into fully-actualized lives and dreams. My kids are incredible people. But they have their struggles. From my own perspective, I’ll add to your list the biggest gifts I hope to impart. One is that it is of the utmost importance to be kind. Kindness is seriously under-rated in today’s impatient and fast-paced world. The other is having faith in yourself. Which falls under a number of the items above. But having faith means trusting you can handle what comes your way, even if you fail, even if something is really not your fault, even if you are subject to constant unceasing criticism and to ridiculous standards in today’s multimedia world.

  2. Love this reminder. Thank you.

  3. Outstanding. 😉

  4. Dona says:

    What wonderful insight you have! Even though I dread my kids moving on into adulthood, I know that is the ultimate goal. You stated it perfectly. Thank you.

  5. Wonderfully done. I am and am not a parent. I married many years ago a man with two sons, at the time they were 2 and 4, now they are 35 and 37. When we finally legally separated 20 years ago they both lived with me, their mother (my wife-in-law) asked the court to grant me custody as they had been with me for many years at that point. She and I have a mutual love for them and each other and have worked hard to raise awesome adults, we have been successful despite their father.

    All that you have said here, yes and doubly yes.

  6. A great summary of life’s values to aim for.

  7. Jules says:

    Yes!! I might put this on my fridge as a constant reminder!

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