Value Added

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  1. Aubrey Anne says:

    You already know I love to read your blog. I rarely visit if I don’t see a link posted on twitter because I don’t have much time for reading blogs, but I absolutely adore your writing. Definitely going to be buying that book of yours!

  2. Yes! And in this latest chapter of my life, I say I only want a relationship for added value to my life. Not to fill a void or ease an uncomfortable feeling or “to complete me”–but I only want someone in my life if he is added value to my life, if the gifts of the relationship add value to my life…

  3. Joy says:

    Yes! After separating and then divorcing from my ex, I knew I only wanted some one that would be adding value. This resonates with me very much…and thankfully I am with someone now who does that…

  4. I don’t have a talent for weeding, I barely can make anything grow. I do have a talent for taking beautiful pictures though, so if I am there I can document your beautiful garden in full bloom. 😉

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