So Last Year, This Happened

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  1. movingliquid says:

    I see my estranged husband once a month or so for brief periods, but I am terrified of running into him when he is with his girlfriend. I mean, so terrified that I feel I might faint or collapse. I’m sure I’d have at least the same reaction you did.

  2. momfawn says:

    My prayer for you today is for peace and calm…and that your ex goes somewhere far, far away! – Fawn

  3. I have to see my ex on regular occurrences – at least once a week. I have yet to see the paramour in the flesh, though it is now three years since he started seeing her (and a year since the final divorce came through) and he is still with her….my kids have met her numerous times – hell, they even LIVED with her for a brief time. I can only imagine what I will be like when that finally happens. I hope I can handle it with dignity and grace. 🙂

  4. I am grateful my soon to be ex is in another country, no chance of running into him casually or otherwise. Oddly, some of his relatives continue to attempt a reconciliation between us, they do not understand, he walked out and this is not the first time. I get it, but now I just want it done.

    I wish you peace this weekend. No drama and no hurt.

  5. Melanie says:

    I hope once you get there, the atmosphere and energy wipe any thought of him from your mind. Have fun! I’m crossing my fingers for you that you don’t have to find out how it would feel to see him again a year later.

  6. cathmae says:

    It happened a year ago for a reason. If it happens again, it will be for a reason. You are well on your way to mastering this. Remember to breathe 🙂

  7. Sydney woman says:

    I promise u that you will feel peace one day looking directly at him and his next victim who may appear very happy. You won’t feel anything, not even pity, just indifferent and free… gets awesome because of the past contrast.

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