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  1. momfawn says:

    I have felt the same sadness watching people “fix up” their homes for sale, spending money to lure new buyers by doing things they dreamed of but wouldn’t spend the money on to please themselves. And many, many years ago (when I still thought our marriage was doing well) my husband’s response to the 20 pounds I had lost was, “What are you doing? Getting ready to leave me?”

    I think sometimes the burdens — of the house or the marriage — get so heavy that we become paralyzed, and only an impending move or life upheaval breaks that paralysis and allows us to move forward.

  2. I like your perspective of the renovations. Sometimes in marriage it is difficult to ascertain whether the house is untidy or whether there is actually a crack in the foundations. Scurrying about tidying the house doesn’t fix the foundations. However, neither does it make for a happy life to always have an untidy house!
    We need to lay down the correct foundations right in the beginning and we need to tidy the house every single day.
    Then, once in a while, we need to renovate.
    Thanks for this thought-provoking post.

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