‘Cause He’s the King

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  1. One of my work mentors always reminds me that if you aren’t scared about the next job / move, it’s likely not enough of a challenge for you. Just think how great you will feel on the other side of it, when you look back and say “I was scared and I did it anyway!”

  2. jamilouise says:

    Maybe this is too personal but where are you going? And, I think I’m jealous :). I’ve been a high school math teacher for 20 years. I love it?.?.?. But I think I want/need a change just don’t know how to do it… Good for you!

  3. momfawn says:

    Compared to the other challenges you have faced with aplomb, this should be easy. Best of luck with your newest direction. – Fawn

  4. I had to smile reading this, being in the middle of a transition I feel exactly what you feel. Can’t begin to tell you how often I have wanted to throw a cape on! I think though, you will be excellent. Look how many mountains you have climbed and what a support system you have.

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