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  1. momfawn says:

    Since I started blogging regularly last fall, writing has been my most compelling bone, along with scrapbooking, my studies and work through my church community, reading everything I can get my hands on…and the most delightful one, hanging out with my granddaughters. – Fawn

  2. When I was really struggling with losing my independence while going through the divorce process, I couldn’t write, not on social sites, which was a bone that distracted me previously. The only thing I can chalk my ‘writer’s block’ to, was that I couldn’t put into words the amount of grief I was feeling over the loss of BEFORE. Before for me was about two full on years of misery, yet I was like an abused dog, I still had faith the next day would produce better results. I’m still not writing online, instead I have been journaling and that has been my biggest bone. Getting outside and walking several times a week also helped expel that nervous energy. I’m still living with family;however, now just a week after the divorce, I can almost feel normal again. I wouldn’t want to wish divorce on anyone. The fabric of who I am has been altered in a way that I can say is healing, but will never be the same again.

  3. My bones are those of necessity right now. Job hunting, divorce finalization, home sale preparation. Eventually, I will need to find those that feed my soul.

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