Introducing the Thriver’s Club

Days after my tsunami divorce, my mom turned to me and told me I would survive.

I actually got angry and responded rather strongly, “No, I will not survive. I will thrive. To do anything less is to remain his victim.”

I saw surviving as the bare minimum; the mere intake of breath and food in order to go through the motions of life. I refused to settle for that. I wanted more. It felt insurmountable, yet the vision and hope remained intact.

I know many of you have that same spirit. That same dogged determination to not just exist, but to live loudly and with joyous exuberance. To prove that when life knocks you down, you do not just have to stand up again. You can jump up and dance and sing from the rooftops. To live fully and passionately despite the pains of the past.

And so I introduce to you The Thriver’s Club.

A place to celebrate life after loss.

A place to share our joys and triumphs.

A place to bring hope to those still trying to find their way.

There are no annual dues. No special handshakes. No one is denied entry due to age or gender or religious beliefs. In order to be a member, all you have to do is share one example of how you have thrived after divorce. It can small or grand. A sign of truly moving on or as fleeting as a moment where the sun broke through the clouds.

Please don’t comment on this post. These joys deserve to be featured, not hidden away in some distant piece. Please head on over to the new page and share how you have thrived after your split. Don’t be shy; smiles are meant to be shared not hidden away.

Thank you for sharing!

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